Polyworld introduces
an efficient pipeline
for low poly terrain generation.

Developped at Arts & Technologies de l'Image,
this add-on gather artistic inputs and technical design into a signle easy-to-use tool.
The code is released for free under the MIT License
and assets are under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
Have fun with it!

Play with seasons

Polyworld features a user-customizable material theme system. Play with it to give a personal character to your scenes.

What we've done using Polyworld!

Early Automn

Winter Lake

Automn Evening




Combined with the provided grass assets, Blender's hair system can be used to add styled grass to the scenes.


Even after the forest has been generated, you can still edit tree position by moving the base mesh vertices around, as well as rotate the trees using the random proportional editing and the individual origin pivot point.

Custom assets

Distribute your own assets randomly on the generated terrains to give a more personal look to your scenes.

Building Blocks

Copy and assemble the generated terrain tiles to build wider terrains.

How it works

Tree interpolation

Forest are randomly sampled between the selected presets

Terrain generation

You can change the proportional editing shape to give a different style to the generated terrain.

Some demos

Winter Scene Demo

Walk through the realisation of a full scene using polyworld.

Weight Paint Demo

This was version 0.5 but this feature did not change much.

Basic Demo

This was version 0.4

Ready to try it?

Click the download link bellow and have fun playing around with it!